Where do I fit?

I don’t really fit.. but i question how i could fit…

How does my culture interact with my city? How do I interact with my culture? Why are these things important?

I don’t know how to answer these things but I like to explore them through folk oral culture and making magic happen before peoples’ eyes. I am interested in community and the way in which it is created; how people come together to experience events, how they tell their stories, how their stories are connected to others’ stories and how that connection can change the world. The web we create, that we live (the village) and identify with is a chosen one, regardless of the culture we come from or the language we speak.

Why not try to reveal the human underneath the layer of concrete and suit. Peel away the artifice. Learn to Play.

I like to try and create moments that bring people together in visceral experiences that transcend words and make those involved feel alive, connected to one another and their surroundings. These moments make a mark on the spot it happened, wherever it may be in the city or surrounding areas, which become burned into the memory of the place, lie statues or graffiti. Places and moments that in themselves become a new story to be told and shared like any other folk story.

The city is our playground, our village, our battleground, our home.

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